The uncompromising ambiton and scale of the AURA project requires the talent, passion and creativity of a remarkable team. Handpicked for their role in shaping contemporary Australian design and business, the leading luxury developer Aqualand has assembled a crew of visionaries in their fields, from architects to interior designers, landscapers and hospitality leaders, to pioneer a new standard of luxury living in Australia.



A bold vision, from a property group that has been the driving force behind some of the country's most inspired, celebrated developments. With this, a remarkable instalment into Sydney's sparkling skyline, Aqualand paints their next masterpiece – bringing together visionaries in their fields, designers, master builders, artists and restaurateurs, to forge an address that is as beautiful as it is iconic.

With this project Aqualand pen their own chapter in the story of landmark Australian buildings, creating something inspired for future generations, fostering a communty's future and carving a dramatic new identity for North Sydney.

  • Jin Lin
    Managing Director, Aqualand

  • Alex Adams
    Head of Sales & Marketing, Aqualand

  • Helkin He
    Operations Manager & Head of Procurement, Aqualand

  • Tony Tang
    Design Director, Aqualand

  • Tom Catalovski
    Head of Delivery & Construction, Aqualand

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Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot's narrative for AURA draws on the organic and soft sculptural forms created by Mother Nature on Sydney's shoreline. The orientation of the building and apartment layouts, capitalise on the uninterrupted views of Sydney's most iconic landscapes. A green thread runs through the precinct, stemming from lush foliage found in local Sydney gardens, introducing warmth and life to AURA.

Interior Design



The design philosophy of Richards Stanisich is simple: 'to create spaces that make you feel something'. Founders and Design Directors Jonathan Richards and Kirsten Stanisich have worked together for decades and built their celebrated firm on a foundation of creative passion, technical know-how, industry connections, and supplier relationships.

Landscape Architect

Turf Design

Mike has more than 25 years of landscape architecture and urban design experience, working across local and international large-scale masterplan, civic, residential, education, infrastructure and park projects. An established leader in the landscape and design industry, Mike has been instrumental in numerous landmark and award-winning projects. Turf Design Studio offers a rare depth in thinking for major development and public domain; weaving together planning, design and ecology into a vibrant tapestry – creating places that are functional, fit for living, and where the hand of the designer remains largely unseen.


Etymon Projects

Etymon Projects is the celebrated hospitality and services business of Aqualand. AURA will introduce a service and lifestyle offering that is central to the heart of this development, as well as an important part of the future of North Sydney.

Across a beautiful multi-level hospitality precinct, Etymon Projects has collaborated with designers to craft an artfully curated selection of venues. Conceived with the view to enhance and enrich the lives of residents living above the new culinary scene, this new neighbourhood destination is also a beacon for visitors and residents of the broader metropolitan area, a place to gather and enjoy the finer delights.

Woven into the fabric of everyday life at AURA is Etymon Concierge, a lifestyle service offering, provided by Etymon Projects, that goes above and beyond for the lucky residents that call AURA home.