North Sydney's next most exclusive address opens

05/11/2021 | Architecture & Design

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Aqualand has officially launched its latest luxury mixed-use residential development, AURA by Aqualand. Located in North Sydney, the first stage comprises 102 apartments that are designed by Woods Bagot and Richards Stanisich to be lived in for generations.

The project rides on the coattails of North Sydney becoming a new CBD precinct, with 80,000 workers expected in North Sydney by 2036. AURA, located at 168 Walker Street, will sit at the epicentre, with its bold design, functionality and beauty bound intimately to its waterfront locale, and is positioned in close proximity to schools and nature-filled walks, as well as cultural icons.

AURA holds a grand presence when passing through the entryway, with towering walls and a minimal palette of textured whites creating a canvas for bold monolithic forms and translucent glass, allowing the play of dappled light amid golden, metallic finishes and black lines. The apartments feature an understated yet luxurious palette of white marble, allowing for natural light to dance across the walls. Residents have the ability to choose from 3 colour schemes—dark, mid, and light.

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