A designer's guide to downsizing

22/03/2023 | Home Beautiful

Downsizing from a house to an apartment doesn’t have to mean a compromise on style. We talk to an expert to find that it's all in the planning and learn how you can furnish, decorate and style an apartment with every bit as much comfort and sophistication as a house.

There are many reasons for downsizing your home to live in an apartment. A change in your family, finances or lifestyle may mean that living in - and maintaining - an entire house no longer suits you. But there’s a lot to consider before you dive into apartment living.

Rushing in without understanding the scope of such a transition is a common pitfall and it’s important to do your research, talk to others who have made the change and be prepared for a different way of living. “Expecting the size and amenity of a traditional 3-4 bed Australian home in an apartment isn’t realistic”, says Kirsten Stanisich, architect and founder of Richards Stanisich “Understand the reason you’ve chosen to downsize and embrace all the benefits it has to offer.”

The benefits are many. A reduced cleaning load is the first thing you'll notice, then, once you’ve settled in there’s less to do across the board. “One of the most exciting things is that downsizing reduces the need for maintenance,” says Kirsten. “Thinking about it and organising someone to do it, or even doing it yourself. It’s very liberating to leave that behind."

Here are Kirsten's expert tips on how to downsize from a family home to an apartment. 

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