2023 Property Outlook | Presented by Aqualand

16/02/2023 | AURA by Aqualand

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The 2023 Property Outlook event recently hosted at the AURA by Aqualand display showroom, presented valuable insights and market predictions from a panel of leading property industry experts including Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist, Peter Esho, Wealthi’s Co-Founder and Alex Adams, Head of Sales and Marketing at Aqualand.


Nerida Conisbee said it’s been a tough few years, but with the pandemic finally drawing to a close, it’s impact on the way people now live will be long-lasting.


“Inner urban living is back to being popular again as restaurants, entertainment and nightlife resumes. Although outer urban and regional areas were popular during lockdowns when staying home was required, being close to the action is now most desirable again. This change is flowing through to demand for apartments."


“Over the past 20 years, the suburbs that have been the most desirable and have therefore seen the best price and rental growth have had one characteristic in common, and that’s livability. These suburbs are generally close to a CBD with good transport and connectivity, desirable retail precincts, are close to parks and waterways, schools and medical facilities." added Nerida.


Meanwhile, Peter Esho discussed the key macroeconomic trends that will most impact property investment, including the strong employment market, government infrastructure spending and the impact overseas markets will have on our economy.


“Experience has taught me to always look through the valley and remain focused on the future, not the past, especially when it comes to investing."


“What happens in the US market, and with inflation in particular, will have a profound impact on interest rate movements in all other markets."


“The residential real estate market will move with interest rate expectations. It’s not today’s rates that matter. It’s about interest rate expectations of the future. Once the market gets a hint that rates could have potentially peaked and are likely to fall in the next six months, the market will start to bottom and show signs of growth again."


“The news headlines last year were all about how much property prices have fallen. What they don’t tell you is that they’ve fallen 10% after rising by 40% in the space of a few years,” he added.


Alex Adams, Aqualand’s Head of Sales and Marketing said the market outlook provided attendees more information to navigate the fluctuating conditions of the 2023 property market.


“Changing macroeconomic conditions provide genuine opportunities for savvy home buyers and property investors alike."


“Our much-anticipated 2023 Property Outlook event provided a rare opportunity to cut through all the noise and clearly identifed which property opportunities available in the current market.”


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